What you will get

This course will launch you into the world of life story writing

  • A brief summary of what life story writing is about

  • A questionnaire to help you identify what you might want to write

  • Tried and tested techniques to stimulate memories of important life events

  • 5 essential tips for making your writing come alive

  • Loads of writing prompts to stimulate memories and writing

  • An exercise for starting to write your life stories

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME to The Starter Kit to Write Your Life Stories

    • Message from Corinne

    • Things You'll Need

  • 2

    MODULE 1: Intro to Life Writing

    • What is Life Writing?

    • Why Write Your Life Stories? And What Will You Write? Fill out the Questionnaire

  • 3

    MODULE 2: How to Find Your Stories

    • Introduction

    • Creating Your Life Timeline, Part 1 (Worksheet)

    • Creating Your Life Timeline, Part 2 (Graph)

    • Finding Life Stories Through Your Senses

  • 4

    MODULE 3: How to Tell Your Stories

    • Tips and Tricks to Writing the Real You

  • 5

    MODULE 4: Let's Write!

    • Introduction

    • Meditation for Life Story Writing

    • Writing Round

    • Check-in and Congratulations!

  • 6


    • Other Opportunities